Laure Briard – “Ne pas trop rester bleue”

Always a delight, Laure Briard. Her style has shifted from hazy to glimmering, and all the while she has retained a certain je ne sais quoi. “Ne pas trop rester bleue” and “My love is right” foretell a clever full-length album. Laure Briard | order Ne pas trop rester bleue | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify | Bandcamp Continue reading Laure Briard – “Ne pas trop rester bleue”

I haven’t done a double feature on SnG in awhile, and it seems most appropriate to jump back in with the greatness of AIDA. She’s a spunky pop musician from France that has now moved to Canada, but she hasn’t lost her native tongue; “Tu me rends fou” makes for a fantastic introduction to her grooves.  Continue reading