Sand in the Speakers, or the Fuzz of Beaches

Listening to Beaches, it is natural to let your mind wander. Their overwhelming fuzz is calming, as if opening your awareness to things unseen. That may sound similar to the effects of a mind-altering drug, but it is more enriching as pure, unadulterated rock and roll. Take a dive into the band’s latest double LP, Second of Spring; it is a creation of pulsing reverb and … Continue reading Sand in the Speakers, or the Fuzz of Beaches

Coming soon is a historic re-release for Jackie Shane, the accomplished jazz singer who came to prominence in the ‘60s in Toronto. The press release for the re-issue does an excellent job telling her story concisely, so read below for more info. The double LP is due out 10/20; pre-order.  Recognized by genre aficionados as one of the greatest singers and most riveting stage presences in … Continue reading