Sunny War – “No Reason”

Sunny War is full of contradictions, most obviously including the Nashville musician’s moniker. Also, take into account the album art and title for Anarchist Gospel—or is it more of an oxymoron? She acknolwedges the duality on the Bandcamp liner notes, in a sense: “I feel like there are two sides of me… One of them is very self-destructive, and the other is trying to work … Continue reading Sunny War – “No Reason”

Find Love and Refuge on Allison Russell’s New Song “Persephone”

Originally appeared on Grimy Goods. The Montreal-native / Nashville-based blues songwriter Allison Russell is gearing up to release her debut solo record this spring. Russell commands traditional country melodies and weaves personal stories of resilience with each thread; her new album Outside Child will come out on May 21st. Marked by its determination, “Nightflyer” was the first track from her forthcoming album. More recently, Russell … Continue reading Find Love and Refuge on Allison Russell’s New Song “Persephone”

The Many Lives of Son House, the Father of Delta Blues

Originally appeared on Grimy Goods. Vintage Gold is an occasional segment that honors the greats of yesterday; in February, we honored Black musicians for Black History Month.  Among the many iconic music moments on the documentary It Might Get Loud, Jack White’s favorite song stands out. He wordlessly pulls a twelve inch record out of a dusty sleeve and places the needle onto the wax. … Continue reading The Many Lives of Son House, the Father of Delta Blues

D Fine Us copes with our post-truth era via debut blues single Originally appeared on the 405, view archived article here.  Before 2008, the term “post-truth” had referred to the nonsensical rhetoric of the Bush administration; however, Oxford Dictionaries mark the first recorded use of the phrase in The Nation in 1992, via an essay that criticized the handling of American gaffes over several decades. … Continue reading

If you missed Adia Victoria’s “Doep Queen Blues,” then you may not have realized that the Nashville artist’s new music features a smoky intrigue. New single “Different Kind of Love” is a great example of the sound direction. Her new album, Silences, was produced by Aaron Dessner of The National, and it comes out on February 22; pre-order. Continue reading

Feel Adia Victoria’s Infectious Invincibility on New Single “Dope Queen Blues” Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  Adia Victoria takes the blues seriously. Over the past couple of years, the Nashville-based songwriter has adapted her sound to reflect many facets of Southern rock, and her latest single may be her most dangerous. “We are lost, in vain,” she sings on “Dope Queen Blues,” her newest music since … Continue reading