Tearing Up – “Monarch”

Torn up I am, after hearing the touching indie rock single “Monarch” by Tearing Up. My ears delight in the gruff musicianship that reminds me of Don Vail and Billy Moon. Imagine my surprise! when I discovered that Tearing Up is the new moniker for Graham Caldwell, who is officially shedding Billy Moon—as suggested by Tearing Up’s EP title: Billy is Dead. Tearing Up | … Continue reading Tearing Up – “Monarch”

Billy Moon is the Karl Ove Knausgaard of the indie rock scene. His earnest storytelling includes descriptions of camaraderie and youth which earn all of my respect. Listen to his latest album, Punk Songs, over at Bandcamp, and consider dropping a few dollars for it.  Punk Songs by Billy Moon Continue reading

sawdustandgin: In the short film for “I Wanna Know,” imagination, friendship, and catharsis all come together for a raucous party, accompanied by the infectious guitar melodies of Billy Moon.  Favorite Music Videos of 2017 12. Billy Moon – I Wanna Know Billy Moon | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Bandcamp <a href=“http://billymoon.bandcamp.com/album/ill-push-the-pedals-and-you-steer”>“I’ll Push the Pedals and You Steer” by Billy Moon</a> Continue reading