Favorite Music Videos of 2018: 1. Madeline Kenney

1. Madeline Kenney – ”Cut Me Off” The discography of Madeline Kenney contains multitudes. You don’t need to find every detail in order to enjoy the music. Her sophomore LP came out this year to a swell of support that seemed to follow me around; I encountered songs from Perfect Shapes on other blogs I love, well-circulated playlists, and even through the speakers at a … Continue reading Favorite Music Videos of 2018: 1. Madeline Kenney

sawdustandgin: Alexander Vincent’s Liberation Originally appeared on LA Weekly.  The newest single from Alexander Vincent, né Alex Tanas, features only seven words: “I know I’ve got to free myself.” Those lyrics, coupled with thunderous percussion, make it his mission statement. As a solo artist, he seeks liberation. “Free Myself” is just a sample of the majesty of Alexander Vincent, embracing vulnerabilities within himself and connecting … Continue reading