Joseph joins Liminal for a new version of “Pendulum Guess” Originally appeared on the 405, view archived article here.  The new EP from LA-via-London artist Liminal moves gracefully. Analysis Paralysis came out last month, marking the artist otherwise known as Tom Crouch’s debut multi-track release. It can feel cavernous as bubbles of synth and cooing guitars bounce against the walls, but his vocals draw you … Continue reading

The 405 meets Laura Jean Anderson

Originally appeared on the 405; view archived article here.  It took Laura Jean Anderson some years of adjusting to feel comfortable in her own skin. She was always a fish-out-of-water, growing up in a traditional Mormon household…in the grunge haven of Olympia, Washington. Hovering between these communities, she felt fully accepted by neither, which made her double down on her eccentricities. Fast forward to what … Continue reading The 405 meets Laura Jean Anderson

Making New Mistakes with Terra Lightfoot

It’s hard to set your expectations too high when it comes to Terra Lightfoot. Her sound can be easily compared to The Black Keys, with a mastery of guitars and pounding kick drums, and her new album delivers on all fronts. On New Mistakes, she reaches new milestones with her evocative songwriting, singing about heartache and emotional catharsis with an equal amount of her signature grit.  … Continue reading Making New Mistakes with Terra Lightfoot

TEST DEBUT NEW SINGLE “BLEACHED HANDS” ON GRIMY GOODS TEST prides itself on being a band, and not a ‘project.’ The trio makes unapologetic rock music, so it makes sense that they’d also keep a strict definition of exactly who they are. It all began in a warehouse in Vernon, living off of cheap noodles and the promise of creative catharsis. After a couple of … Continue reading

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