Sunny War – “No Reason”

Sunny War is full of contradictions, most obviously including the Nashville musician’s moniker. Also, take into account the album art and title for Anarchist Gospel—or is it more of an oxymoron? She acknolwedges the duality on the Bandcamp liner notes, in a sense: “I feel like there are two sides of me… One of them is very self-destructive, and the other is trying to work … Continue reading Sunny War – “No Reason”

Best Songs of 2020: 9. Cut Worms

Best Songs of 20209. Cut Worms – “Sold My Soul” I needed the crooked twang of Cut Worms in 2020, and I sing along to “Sold My Soul” like I myself have made a deal with the devil. Nobody Lives Here Anymore is a comforting alt-country experience, but the Sold My Soul EP is even cozier.  Cut Worms | SnG coverage | order Nobody Lives Here Anymore … Continue reading Best Songs of 2020: 9. Cut Worms

Best Videos of 2020: 1. Jess Williamson

sawdustandgin: There’s no mistaking that sound—the new Jess Williamson single was sent straight from heaven.  Best Videos of 20201. Jess Williamson – “Wind on Tin” My bisexual ass could not be torn away from this music video. Thank you, Jess Williamson, not only for Sorceress, an album of introspection, but also for the iconic video for “Wind on Tin,” partially filmed at my usual hiking … Continue reading Best Videos of 2020: 1. Jess Williamson

Lawrence Rothman – “Decent Man”

Lawrence Rothman Searches for a “Decent Man” on New Single Feat. Lucinda Williams Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  With the general election right around the corner, the news from Lawrence Rothman could not have come at a better time. The Los Angeles musician, who identifies as genderfluid, has announced their sophomore album, Good Morning, America/Not a Son. The lead singles from each side of the … Continue reading Lawrence Rothman – “Decent Man”