Alex Lilly Confronts Ambivalence on 2% Milk

Photo Credit: David Black Originally appeared on Irvine Weekly.  Alex Lilly’s new album is called 2% Milk, but she would never touch the stuff. “I’m trying to drink less [of it]…But when I do have milk I definitely have whole milk.” Two percent is just watered down anyway. It reflects a part of society that bothers her; throughout our conversation on a frigid afternoon at … Continue reading Alex Lilly Confronts Ambivalence on 2% Milk

Get your calcium with the Gothic Tropic remix of Alex Lilly’s “2% Milk” Originally appeared on the 405, view archived article here.  Two of the coolest people in LA have collaborated on a new remix, revealed today. Alex Lilly’s recent album, 2% Milk, features ominous thumping synths from the start. Gothic Tropic’s re-work makes it a thousand times groovier. The remix comes ahead of Lilly’s … Continue reading