We Are Family by Sister Sledge

Atlantic Records, 1979

A1. He’s the Greatest Dancer

A2. Lost in Music
A3. Somebody Loves Me
A4. Thinking of You
B1. We Are Family

B2. Easier to Love
B3. You’re a Friend to Me
B4. One More Time

A classic in every sense. Sister Sledge is one of those rare household staples, whether everyone realizes their name or not. Their sound defines the ’70s for me, and that’s saying a lot when you consider that a majority of my wax collection was originally printed in that fortuitous decade. It’s a little bit disco, a little bit R&B, and a whole lotta let’s-boogie-on-the-dancefloor. Everyone certainly knows “We Are Family.” And in all honesty, I only trust people who know “He’s the Greatest Dancer,” too.

I have an appreciation for the old records that leave room for live mixes. Can’t complain about a 90-second dance break in my living room, and it happens frequently across We Are Family. It’s quaint to think that they needed to add extra measures into the song to give DJs an easier time of it, knowing that today’s digital capabilities have taken most of the work out of the cross-mix. 

My favorite irony about the mega-famous single “We Are Family”—well maybe it’s not irony per se, but it’s hilarious—is that it literally refers to their band. They are four sisters in the Sledge family. When they sing it together, they really did have all their sisters with them! Only thing left to do is get up (everybody) and sing. 


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