frogi Wants to Topple the Industry’s Boys’ Club With Powerful Bedroom Pop


Originally appeared on Grimy Goods

LA’s frogi is filled with contrasts but not contradictions. The songwriter and producer recently released a bedroom pop EP titled Introvert. It is restrained and quiet, tied together with a strong motif of love, though probably not the love you’re thinking of. Her stories are nuanced and sensitive, but that is not what defines her. She is a formidable artist, with a clear vision for where she wants to go and a strong grip on how to get there.

frogi can name the exact inspiration for her new music project: the 2016 dark comedy, Swiss Army Man. Its stars, Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe both contribute to the soundtrack, but they don’t necessarily ‘sing’—their vocals are pitched and looped and cut to create an ecosystem of sounds, which the composers (Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull and Robert McDowell) arrange to fit the emotional arc of the film. This process opened frogi’s world to new possibilities. 

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