Mara Connor Weaves Stories of Heartbreak on No Fun EP

mara connor

Photo by Chase Leonard 

Originally appeared on LADYGUNN

The new EP from Mara Connor titled No Fun was a long time coming; having been released on April 3 while we are all in self-quarantine, this is starting to feel like the basis of a joke, but in actuality, it’s a much more thoughtful tale. The LA-native is an evocative songwriter with a particular vision, one that comes through not only in song, but across her music videos as well. Each track on No Fun, and even the other stray tunes that don’t appear on the EP, adds to a warm Americana tapestry meant for sitting ‘round an autumn campfire.

LADYGUNN connected with Connor via email to learn more about her new music and how she is staying occupied in the midst of self-isolation. The artist sets the record straight about the recurring themes of heartbreak and strength, and most importantly about how life is just plain complicated. The Santa Ana “Devil Winds,” the emotional toll of Noah Baumbach’s film, Marriage Story, and her filmmaker mother, Kate Connor, all played some part or another.

Find the interview in full here

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