Explore Sugary Existentialism With Oddnesse’s Rebeca Arango

Originally appeared on LADYGUNN.

The latest tune from the LA-based band, comprised of Rebeca Arango and Doug Walters (aka Grey Goon), comes after they took an accidental year-long break from releasing. As Arango describes in our interview below, the hiatus came out of indecision rather than lack of music—they still played shows, where they were able to show off their new material. The bountiful harmonies in “Donut Shop” prove that they continue to push their sonic boundaries while building on the elements of dreamy indie rock that they have already proven to have mastered. Oddnesse always had a penchant for prominent basslines and steady rhythms, whether from drums, synths, or just Arango’s adequately apathetic vocals.

Oddnesse has no intention of waiting any longer before putting out what they have been working on all this time, but for the present, the band is eager to talk about their latest sweet treat. Read on to learn about the inspiration for “Donut Shop” as well as its existential implications, and stay tuned for more new music from the band coming sooner than you think.

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