Explore Grand Escalante with Arthur King Duo Peter Walker (of Eulogies) and Aaron Espinoza (of Earlimart)

Originally appeared on the 405, view archived article here

Arthur King is not one particular person; it is a dynamic art collective, usually addressed as Arthur King & the Night Sea when referring to its 7-piece ensemble. But this time it’s just Peter Walker and Aaron Espinoza, venturing the plateaus of Utah with only each other and their recording equipment. Their new album, Changing Landscapes (Grand Escalante), features field recordings gone adrift in search of something more.

[T]his record was [not necessarily] made for everyone; understandably, music that requires such patience is an acquired taste–but we are all capable of acquiring it. Ambient music mimics life in its spontaneity and bliss, and doesn’t ask us to suspend reality.

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Arthur King & the Night Sea | buy Changing Landscapes (Grand Escalante) | website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp

Eulogieswebsite | Bandcamp


Changing Landscapes (Grand Escalante) by Arthur King

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