Benibu drives progress through his new charity project

Originally appeared on the 405, view archived article here.

Climate change is real. I live in Los Angeles where only a handful of miles from me in any direction, wildfires are raging because of unseasonably warm temperatures amid still-dry brush from California’s severe drought; I also used to live in Miami, Florida, a city that is rapidly sinking into the ocean as ice caps melt at record speeds. My experiences aren’t coincidence though–go anywhere around the world, and locals will remark about the subtle, yet monumental changes to their environments happening before their eyes. Knowing full well that our leaders aren’t going to do anything about it, the burden to literally change the world has fallen on folks that have little to contribute. But Benibu wants to make it easier to give.

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All profits from sales or streams of “Afterparty” will benefit, a leading organization in the movement to help offset and reverse the effects of climate change. 

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