Eat Your Fill on Gothic Tropic’s Debut LP, Fast or Feast

gothic tropic

Originally appeared on Grimy Goods

Cecilia Della Peruti has more in common with Father John Misty than meets the eye. It may have only dawned on her while we lounged at Echo Park Lake, as the Santa Ana winds ruined a family picnic nearby. After shamefully admitting I hadn’t heard Pure Comedy yet, she gushed, “the opening lyrics made me cry.” She began counting off reasons for its greatness on her fingers, and eventually scowled at the inherent irony of life. Della Peruti knows something about irony; after all, her band is called Gothic Tropic. She began the project more than a couple years ago, needing a place to work out some of her own ideas as she played in other groups, including BØRNS and Night Terrors of 1927. Now she’s got a few years of gigs under her belt performing her solo material, a full length record coming out soon, and she’s finally ready to take on the world.

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