Intimacy Ebbs and Flows in Paul Bergmann’s New LP, Stars and Streams

paul bergmann

Originally appeared on Grimy Goods

As I ponder this record, the final image is one that I can’t seem to shake. Paul Bergmann arranged his new album, Stars and Streams, so a track called “Goodbye” feels like everything is coming to a close, yet is only the penultimate track on the record. The song that follows, “100 Years,” releases not only the body, but also the soul, in a view on afterlife that carries a great weight.

“I won’t be around
100 years from now
My throat will close somehow
And I will be a cloud”

If there is an existence that awaits us beyond our earthly form, it seems fitting that we would become wisps of vapor, buffeted around by indiscriminate and unrelenting Mother Nature, never again able to experience Her wonders.

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