Kidz Have Bin Aksing 4 It by Toes

2001, Meccico Records

Dug up at Amoeba sidewalk sale

Track list (AA)

A. Kidz Have Bin Aksing 4 It
B. Medicine

Loud rock is not my favorite. Given that, I still am capable of enjoying the gruff mix of guitar, drums, and vocals, and the way you jump into this 7” is pretty fun. Starting with a dramatic fade-in that my old record player makes sound like the rumble of a car’s engine turning over, this is a forgotten record that still has life. The first side is heavy, but I can still hear the twinkling of an organ or rsynth in the background.

On the flipside, it’s slightly less accessible for me. I patiently listened to the full single ready to flip it back over, when lo and behold- there’s a hidden track! It’s not a fully developed song, just a short melody, but it made me smile all the same. It sounds a lot like “Dear Prudence,”
if The Beatles had manipulated their guitars to sound like they were in space.  

I wanted to find a little more information on the band to share with you, but they did not leave much of a digital trail of their existence. There are a bunch of folks in the UK trying to sell this very record for a couple bucks here and there, but that’s about it. I surmise that they were a British band, but I cannot find any of their old material. Such a shame. If you have any information, please drop me a line.  

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