Moonglow by The Norman Luboff Choir

1959, Columbia

Where I found it: a gift from my ex 


Track list, faves in bold

A1. Blue Moon
A2. I Should Care
A3. I Don’t Know Why
A4. I’ll See You in My Dreams
B1. Remember Me?
B2. For You
B3. Don’t Blame Me
B4. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me
B5. Moonglow

A common theme you will notice over the course of this blog’s lifetime is that I love those sappy romantic tunes from the fifities. I’ll be reviewing several old records in the coming weeks in this dated genre, but the best of them all might very well be Moonglow. I love these harmonies and coos. This might be the only music that actually makes me feel something. 

The album was “formerly entitled: But Beautiful,” a name I don’t think would have really fit the record. The phrase “but beautiful” sounds
like a back-handed compliment, or a way to save yourself from sounding too mean. “That dress is very overwhelming. But beautiful!” Moonglow is however only beautiful, nothing but. The whole record is comprised of soft ballads and the occasional sad song, the latter of which my old record player makes sound heartbreaking. But still beautiful.

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