The Cost of Our Future According to Absolutely Free

I would like to use this space to rectify the blurb I wrote about Costa Rican musician and producer Jorge Elbrecht when I gushed over No Joy’s Motherhood last year. The passage where I intended to give him his due feels now like I was trying desperately to sound aloof, not wanting to admit that this person actually has a ton of clout beyond his … Continue reading The Cost of Our Future According to Absolutely Free

Mega Ran is Balling

Whatever happened to Elizabeth Warren’s favorite HBO half-hour dramedy, Ballers? Just kidding, a quick Google reveals that it was canceled unceremoniously in 2020, leaving a respectable legacy of five seasons. The title of the show is a double-entendre, of course, literally referring to the fact that the characters are or interact with athletes, and in a more colloquial sense, that they are absolute fucking powerhouses. … Continue reading Mega Ran is Balling

Freezing Time on Losing Light

Oh, the irony of my writing this on the first day of Daylight Saving Time. Back in November, to coincide with the autumn time change, The Antlers released Losing Light, a four-track sister EP to their 2021 full-length, Green to Gold. The LP came out nearly a year ago, but represented much more to the Brooklyn duo than simply a shift of the clocks. It … Continue reading Freezing Time on Losing Light

Tama Gucci is on the Cusp of Everything

As a music journalist, I’ve perpetually disappointed friends by not knowing who is the Next Big Thing. I don’t even know what the “in” genres are anymore, though I know from countless essays that hyperpop is having a moment in the limelight. The concept is a style I’ve been fascinated by for ages, but never had a word for. The movement that began with arrhythmic, … Continue reading Tama Gucci is on the Cusp of Everything

Best Albums of 2021, 11-20 (part 1)

Bryan Away – Canyons to Sawdust On the pastoral Canyons and Sawdust, Bryan Away’s storytelling is given the perfect stage. Among the tales he sings is a nod to Ingmar Bergman’s miniseries (you may know its adaptation with Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain) and that track’s direct foil, the jaunty “Scenes from a Wedding.” The title of Away’s summer LP derives from an analogy in an … Continue reading Best Albums of 2021, 11-20 (part 1)